The Bobbu

For Want Of A Sad Song – a polyamory poem

A polyamory poem:

There are no mournful tunes of how to weep

After loosing one who next to you would sleep
While wrapped in the arms of your other lover
Who watched it all rise, stumble, then fail to recover

No-one has written about how
Their heart breaks
Though there are still others
Bringing love, ice cream, and cakes

Morose tunes abound for monogamous pairs
Innumerable laments of old lovers parting
Because of new lovers found
Or from struggles and fighting

But what about we poly few who are shattered inside?
What do we sing when it’s the end of the ride?
When all’s been said and nothing’s been fixed
When the flowers and hearts have all turned to shit?

I cannot sing of how lonely I am
Because my other partners are holding my hands
I could not sing of how my heart had failed
Even as I curled up, sobbed and wailed

In melodies of sorrow
I cannot truly wallow
There is no tune in D minor
To make my insides feel less hollow

And the presence of the others
Gives no true respite
Just as a nose is no comfort
When you have still lost an eye

Yet always around me are my polyamorous few
Those who I love so deeply
Right through and through
Sometimes their numbers swell and my heart beats anew
But when anyone leaves they take a part of me too

They take with them all that their presence made me
All our countless hours
Our cuddles and talks
Gone with the loud morning fucks
And our quiet twilight walks.

Losing a love is shed in new light
When your other loves hold you tight
As you cry softly into the night

It is not about loneliness
Nor love stolen away
But the loss of a connection
We built day after day

No time was ‘wasted’
No relationship ‘failed’
No resentment remains
To boil in my veins

All that is left is sadness and loss
And gentle, loving comfort
From those counting the costs

They pick up my pieces
They hand me the glue
And with their help
I can make it through

I will forever be a little less whole
And the scars will remain
Healing is arduous work
With no musical refrain

Published November 20, 2015 at 3:30 pm