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Dear Straight Pride UK – go fuck yourselves

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Update 18:08 GMT

My web hosting company, the splendid Site5, agreed that the DMCA notice was not valid. No action will be taken. I consider that a small victory for sense in the world. I have told Straight Pride UK to cease their communication with me by email, and if they wish to challenge me in a public forum I have provided them with all my social media accounts. If they have the guts to behave like adults, then I will be happy to engage them.

Anyone interested in seeing the entire email string between myself and Straight Pride UK? Publication of it in the purposes of reporting the news is fair use, under both UK and international law.

One point of clarification, however – though my server is in the UK, the hosting company is based in the US, which apparently does mean that they fall under DMCA jurisdiction. However, considering their very positive response to this shitty threat, they have proven to be a very just enforcer of this frequently mi-used law. So I will be staying with them for the future.

Update 16:21 GMT

The Straight Pride UK folks have actually sent me a DMCA notice! Aw, bless.

The section they are claiming copyright to is the email which requests that the email be taken down.

Two small points –
a) My server is in the UK, and so the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (a US legislation) has no jurisdiction.
b) Under UK law the use of copyrighted material is considered to be fair use if it is used for the purposes of reporting the news. This is news. I am reporting it.

They have also threatened to report me to the police for harassment. I quote:

“If you fail to remove what has been asked within 24 hours, this shall be reported to Avon and Somerset  Police as Conduct to incite Harassment and threatening behaviour and Improper use of public electronic communications network – Communications Act 2003, section 127 and Section 1 Malicious Communications Act, 1988”

Nope. I have not threatened you, nor encouraged anyone to do so. Nor have I even encouraged anyone to repost this.

Have fun.

Original Post

So it seems that a group of individuals who are quite honestly beyond parody, whose key belief is that the push for LGBT rights has led to heterosexuals being an oppressed minority (aahahahahahahahahaha!) are trying to censor anything negative said about them. In particular, they want this post by Oliver Hotham removing from the internet.

So, to show my support, and stick two fingers up to the privileged, bigotted fucktards of Straight Pride UK, here’s the post:

A few weeks ago, when thinking of interesting things I could write for this blog, I remembered a weird organisation that gathered some attention on the internet a month or two ago.

The organisation is called Straight Pride UK. It’s a strange group which believes that the tide of Gay rights has gone too far, and that now heterosexuals have become the oppressed minority. Essentially their philosophy  is spun from the same reactionary cloth as “Men’s Rights activists”  –  the notion that, having essentially run Western society for most its existence, progressive demands that Christian white straight males share some of their total grasp on power is somehow a removal of their rights.

Anyway, I wrote to Straight Pride asking that they answer some questions. Stipulating that I was “a freelance journalist”, I sent them some questions, about what they do and what they believe.

About a week later they responded with an attached document with the title “press release”. I went through the questions, corrected the horrendous grammar, and organised it so it coherently answered the questions I’d posed. I also noted that two rather pointed questions I’d asked, regarding the problem of the bullying of LGBTI youth and the nature of other “pride” movements, had not been answered. I sent them an email about this, saying that I’d give them the opportunity to respond but, if they didn’t, I’d “make it clear in the article” that they avoided the questions. They didn’t get back to me for 2 days, which I thought ample time to write two sentences.

Fully satisfied that my journalism had made them look like the arses they are, I hit the publish button, and sat back, feeling all together really pleased with myself. I called the article “It’s great to be straight… yeah”, too, which I thought acutely summed up their philosophy and referenced a mid-90s dance album I rather like.

The article gained a lot of traction, too. A friend and I put it on Reddit, and I got thousands of hits. In my short career of attempting to become a respectable journalist, it was one of the most successful things I’d done.

Then came the email from Straight Pride UK’s press officer, Nick Steiner:

“It has been brought to my attention that you have published the email that I sent you to, you did not state this in your email request, nor you did have consent to do this.

I therefore request that you take down the article that you have placed on your blog.

You have 7 days in which to do this, failing this I shall submit a DMCA to WordPress to have it removed.”

I laughed this off, and responded to the email arguing their case was absurd:

1) There was no indication on the “press release” they sent me that it was copyrighted material. Nor did they make any mention of the fact that anything they gave me was copyrighted.

2) I wrote “I’m a journalist and I’d like to ask you some questions” in my first email. If you’re a press officer and you don’t know what this means, then you really aren’t qualified to have your job.

3) In my email about the questions they didn’t answer, I made reference to “the article”. If that isn’t an indication that I’m going to publish something then I really don’t what is.

I thought this was a good enough defence, and I assumed this would all be swept under the carpet, and that their rather sad attempts to remove my article because it made them look stupid were all for naught.

I was wrong – within a few days WordPress caved to them without question, removing my article and telling me if I tried to publish it again I’d be suspended, but that I could challenge the takedown of my article. I responded that yes, I very much would like to, and was emailed a form I’d have to fill in. One of the requirements was that I “consent to local federal court jurisdiction, or if overseas, to an appropriate judicial body”.

I’m a student. I don’t have the money, time, or patience to go through with potentially having to go to court over this. All in all, I just could not be bothered to challenge the decision.

So I accepted the takedown, feeling thoroughly shit about myself.

Then I get another email from Straight Pride UK, which pissed me off even more. They demanded I take down the material (which I had) but also that I:

“…remove all references to Straight Pride UK, The Straight Forward Project, along with images, and links, from your Blog.”


So not content with forcing me to eat a shit sandwich on dubious grounds by making me take down my work, they now demand that I never write anything about them again. Are these people kidding? Who the hell do they think they are that they can simply demand that I not write about them again, in an email with the pointedly sinister name of their solicitors at the bottom?

This, for me, was the final straw, and why I decided to write this article.

Because I find it absurd that this silly little group can simply demand that remove all my references to them because it makes them look bad. What are they afraid of? Their views make them look stupid enough, why the need to so aggressively bully and harass me? Why do they care so much?

And are they so cowardly that an article criticising them is enough to attempt to pursue a tenuous legal case against the author?

It really boggles the mind.

Oh, and Straight Pride UK – I host this blog myself. There’s no easy route for you to go down to get it removed. You want it gone, just try and take me to court.

Fuck you.

Published August 12, 2013 at 2:18 pm