The Bobbu

My Baby’s Adventure

Artificial Life by Dave Charsley

My creations are getting so big, and venturing out on their own! I never could have imagined it when I first revived the dear little Termousator, but he is quite the popular wee chappie. He was lucky enough to escort the beautiful Ruby Jewel on a photoshoot last week. (Don’t worry, I was careful to disable his SkyNet connection before I let him out of his cage)

The talented Dave Charsley was a gentleman and even let my dear mousey onto the set for a bit, to preen and pose with Ruby. Isn’t he nice? And he takes wonderful photographs too. Though I must tell people to stop encouraging the undead mice to show off; it makes them so smug, and I have to put up with their squeaking…

Violet Strong by Dave Charsley

Oh yes, Miss Jewel was also sporting goggles made by my own fair hand for some of the photoshoot. Don’t they look splendid perched upon her head? Really finish off the look marvellously – a look captured by Mr Charsley’s lens with perfect timing. Big thanks to Dave for letting me share these wonderful photos with you.

Imperial Air Cavalry by Dave Charsley

The little Termousator is actually off on another adventure right now, keeping an eye on some more of my creations – but that’s a tale for the future. For now, I must retreat to my lab – so many interesting things I’m building at the moment, and I can’t wait to get them finished so I can show you!

Published July 17, 2012 at 9:27 am