The Bobbu

My Art on Skin

Sarah, with her new tattoo of my Poly Steel Hearts design on her chest

There are few things as pleasing to me as hearing that someone enjoys my work so much they want to have it permanently inked onto their skin. It’s an honour that anyone would want to do this with my work (and I’m very pleased that quite a few people have done so). Even more so when someone wants to have it done to mark a special occasion!

So it pleased me greatly when the lovely Sarah asked me if her and her fiancé could use my Poly Steel Hearts design for their matching engagement tattoos! Look how splendid it looks on Sarah, and her partner, Victor:

Victor showing off the engagement tattoo on his arm

This shit is cool. Very fucking cool.

So a big congratulations to them, and may they be happy and in love for as long as is possible!

In other news, I’m on different pain meds for my gimpy leg, and am therefore no longer tired all the time. Back to being excessively productive for me! Woohoo!

I also have some new friends I’m going to introduce you to very soon. Though if you’ve been following me on Twitter you will know about them already…

Published December 3, 2012 at 10:27 pm