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Let’s Take a Look at my Serpentine Cane…

Serpentine Cane top

Brand spanking new, shiny and glorious, my Serpentine Cane emerges from The Lab. It’s all ready to go off to its new home with the chap who commissioned it. So lets take a look at all the hard work I put into it, shall we?

Starting from the top; the cobra headpiece was salvaged from an old cane I bought off Ebay some years ago, and had fallen victim to my dreadful clumsiness. Such is the fate of expensive things I buy. After replacing the eyes with epoxy putty, i painted and varnished them until they took on a sheen of pure evil. Eeeevil.

That little brass collar is made from my favourite source of brass – recycled pipe tobacco tins; With a brass furniture tack holding it in place, and a coat of gloss varnish to give it both an extra shine & a bit of hardiness.

Next I get to show off, with a not insubstantial amount of pride, the carved tail that curves around the top end of the cane.

Serpentine Cane carving at an angle

initially sketched on with biro, using the scale design of the head-piece as a base, twas then painstakingly carved out using nothing more than a stanley knife and my own fair fingers. The aforementioned fingers were also carved a little bit by the end of it, but so it goes. Once carved, the scales were given a wash of black acrylic and a bit of white dry-brushing, before being rubbed down with a cloth to re-reveal the underlying wood. Final shining up was done with a couple of coats of satin varnish.

Look at it, all shiny and splendid…

Serpentine Cane carving close-up

At the other end of the cane one comes across a stripy array of metallic circlets finishing off the stick – once again crafted from old pipe tobacco tins, with some of them sanded and polished down until all the brass coating was removed. These are once again held in place with brass or nickel furniture tacks, and coated with gloss varnish for strength and shine. They are set on a slight twist, to compliment the curve of the serpents tail.

Serpentine Cane bottom

That little black square is evidence of my bumbling, as the strips of metal were intended not only to mimic the appearance of rattlesnake tails, but also cover up a previous design I had carved on this end. However, I didn’t quite make enough strips to cover it all. I think it looks kinda cool though, so I just left it as it.

The bottom end is tipped with metal, to give it that splendid sharpness of sound when one if striding down the street. Ooh, how wonderfully alliterative!

So there you have it – the Serpentine Cane, crafted by I, The Almighty Bobbu, at the request of one of my fine gentleman friends. Should you want something similar, or have any requests for creations that you think my troublesome hands could be kept busy with for a while, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Serpentine Cane full photograph

Published September 14, 2012 at 2:49 pm