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Doing What I Love

So two days ago I told Twitter and Facebook that I have a new job, and that more details would follow that evening. Two days later and I haven’t had a chance to write about my fine new situation, and so I’m writing this while perched on the bus, on my way into the aforementioned workplace (and now I’m editing it in bed just before I go to sleep). I suspect that a not insignificant amount of my future writing may be done in this fashion.

But this is the price I’m paying for being employed full time as a web & graphic designer! Well paid, excellent team, great opportunities to learn, fun projects and plenty of cake in the office; all this balanced against long hours, getting up early, daily bus journeys during rush hour, and so far quite a bit of exhaustion. I’m sure that will diminish as I get used to the routine though – I’ve already woken up before my alarm the last few mornings. Just need to work on actually get out of bed on time…

Of course, now that I’m working in advertising, I have also forfeited my immortal soul. Working for Satan has its little inconveniences, but I think that if I work hard enough then I could move up the ladder towards becoming a devil myself; after all, working in PR looks like such good fun.

The crux of this news is that, as you can imagine, my updates are going to be a little less frequent; at least until I get used to working in an office for 8+ hours a day in my clothes, as opposed to working from home 8+ hours a day in my dressing gown. I’m still going to be working on shiny new things to show off and put in the shop, but I will be taking commissions much more selectively in future. Anyone who has a commission with me already – sorry, it might take a while. If you have something you want me to make for you, by all means ask; but I will only take on the job if I find it sufficiently interesting.

But there is one other thing I want to mention, alongside this splendid news. You see, when I was in my late teens I would spend hours in my room, working on my computer; I was building websites, playing with new technologies, learning how to understand the web & all manner of design principles. Occasionally my father would pop his head around the door to see what I was doing, and I would reply, “Working.” He invariably refused to believe that I was doing anything of the sort, and accuse me of just “mucking about on the computer.” Were he to come in and I was working on an art project instead, then he would once again declare that I should stop wasting time and get a “proper job.”

Never listen to what people like my father tell you. At the age of 25 I now have a full time job “mucking about on a computer,” and a fairly successful, self-employed career as an artist & designer. I have this now because I stuck with what I love doing; I worked hard at it through thick and thin, even though it meant I often lived off noodles and beans; and I ignored anyone who told me that I should do something that would earn me more money. It is my not so humble opinion that no amount of money is worth more than doing what you love for a living.

So to all those creative folks out there, struggling to survive and coping with sceptics & critics every day – never give up.

Published October 11, 2012 at 11:57 pm