Hello! I'm The Bobbu Abadeer and I do design stuff

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I've been doing design stuff professionally since 2006. First as a freelance contractor, before joining an international e-marketing agency, and then moving into a large tech consultancy.

These days I tend to go by the title of UX consultant or product designer, but my ideal job title is probably design wizard. They are basically the same thing, after all!

I have a wide range of experience amongst a variety of clients, contexts, media and purposes.

My pronouns are they/them - I am agender.

Creating enjoyable, accessible experiences that have a positive impact on the world is something that I am deeply passionate about.

New tech is magic and I f*cking love it, but I also think we need more Dr Malcolm's to make sure we do more good than harm. So I actively engage in conversations about building ethical, inclusive technology.

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But what do people say about me?

What are all my skills?

UX Design

UX design (for me) is crafting a product or service with the goal of providing the people who use it with a useful, delightful, constructive and pain-free experience. If done well, UX design is invisible.

This includes things like understanding use cases and user needs, designing desired user journeys, as well as creating wireframes and prototypes. It can also involve formulating personas, facilitating co-creation workshops, and eloquently presenting convincing design reasoning to stakeholders.

How I do it

UI Design

UI design (for me) is creating user interfaces that are accessible, discoverable, appropriate to the use cases, and enjoyable for the target audience.

Creating style guides, design systems, medium-to-high fidelity interface prototypes all fall under the remit of UI design. If you can create coded prototypes and design with practical code considerations in mind (which I can) then even better.

How I do it

User Research

User research (for me) is gathering the appropriate quantitive and qualitative information to identify, assess and validate design decisions.

This may involve gathering direct information gathering such as user interviews and analytics; or indirect methods like ethnographic studies and public datasets. Analysing this data and providing insights to inform designers and other decision-makers is another crucial part of this skill-set.

How I do it

Content Design

Content design (for me) is crafting the written elements of a product or service, and the identity around it.

This often involves identifying and/or defining the required tone and voice, taxonomic structure, SEO considerations, and writing copy to suit all of these. It can also mean designing information architecture, content strategies and even engagement drives.

How I do it

Graphic Design

Graphic design (for me) is making the visual assets used to communicate meaning, tone, intent and appeal to the people experiencing the product or service.

Brand design, photography, image editing, digital painting, vector artwork and colour theory all play their part in a good graphic designer's arsenal. Which is lucky for me, because these were literally my main work for some of my freelance years.

How I do it

Service Design

Service design (for me) is sculpting end-to-end processes that best serve the confluence of user and business needs.

Service designers will commonly build artifacts such as service blueprints, journey maps, and strategy documents. Communication and decision-making skills are crucial to this role, as it often involves being the bridge between other design fields, development teams, and senior stakeholders.

How I do it (coming soon)

Ethical Analysis

Ethical analysis (for me) is an increasingly urgent aspect of the design landscape that works to ensure minimisation of risks, mitigates potential harms, and maximises the positive impact of what we create.

This involves employing relatively new tools such as consequence scanning and ethical canvases; as well as a solid understanding of ethical & meta-ethical theory, broad knowledge of relevant legal actions, and a strong moral compass. My background in philsophy comes in very handy here.

How I do it (coming soon)

I also do quite a good job of optimising websites for accessibility and performance. You can see how effective I can be by checking out the Google Lighthouse report for this very portfolio, which I built myself from scratch.

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What do people say about me?

Here's some quotes from the folks who I have had the pleasure of working with over the past few years, so you know I'm not just full of it.

Their interaction design came to the fore when making this particular product. Judges were impressed by how they built the technical groundwork in the team, and applied this against inconvenient human factors - and by their enthusiasm.
EDF Energy Powerhack 2018 judges, awarding Bobbu 'Spirit of the Hack'
Bobbu is possibly *the most* open, honest, respectful and thoughtful person I've met, in or outside work, in my many years on the planet. A++++++++++++++. Would work with again.
BJSS developer in 2019 peer review
Bobbu is one of the most open people I've worked with and has a high degree of integrity. Bobbu is very honest about their strengths and weaknesses and while this takes courage, it really does allow the team to support each other and work towards common goals.
BJSS business analyst in 2020 peer review
Bobbu is an asset to a team due to their thoughtful approach to improving working practices and making sure all team members are heard and taking into account when suggesting new ideas.
BJSS squad lead in 2020 annual review
Bobbu is very proactive with their contribution to the BJSS culture outside of their day-to-day role and this is recognised and appreciated.
BJSS squad lead in 2019 annual review
Bobbu has received a wide range of positive feedback from clients and peers alike across the themes below:
  • Dedication to the role, team and client and acting with integrity
  • Technical ability; their experience as a developer means they can seamlessly design and explain requirements to dev teams
  • Passion for UX and creativity in delivering solutions but also structuring engaging workshops and group sessions
  • Ability to fulfil responsibilities above their role such as Delivery Management, Scrum Mastering and resolving live issues
  • Relationship building and client management
Bobbu has also done very well in:
  • Communicating Ethics in the workplace to a wider BJSS audience
  • Upskilling themselves and their peers in GDS and UX prototyping
  • The Academy and mentoring
  • Meetups and other forums
BJSS 2019 annual review summary

Skills list

For the people who prefer information in lists instead of narratives, here's an alphabetised list of my core skills and areas of expertise. So you can hit that old ctrl+F shortcut to easily see if something's in my skillset.